24 July 2008 - 14:43Firefox 3.5 Restricts, Matches, Keywords

I’ve continued to help Firefox users to get to the pages they want faster with features like multi-word search (just press space — great for matching titles) and adaptive learning (you’ll only need to type a single letter to get what you want). I even wrote an add-on that takes you to the top listed site by just pressing enter :), so now you just need to type 1 letter, and hit enter, and you’re where you want to be (no need to press down first)!

So in Firefox 3.5, there’s some new ways to change what shows up in the Smart Location Bar such as restricting results to show only your history (and not your unvisited bookmarks) or matching only in the URL instead of also in the title. Additionally, you can see your Smart Keywords queries show up in the drop down.

You can restrict the search to your history by typing “^”, or bookmarks with “*”, or tagged pages with “+”. To make what you’ve typed match only in the URL type “@”, and for title/tags only use “#”.

You can first start typing something you want to find like “mozilla”..

Search \"mozilla\"
All results that match "mozilla"

Then realize that there’s too many results and you know it’s a page that you’ve tagged, so you restrict the results with “+”..

Search \"mozilla +\"
Restricting "mozilla" to tagged pages

Then continue narrowing the results by typing more words..

Search \"mozilla + ed\"
Quickly finding pages out of thousands

If you prefer the results to always restrict to history and match only in the URL, you can go to about:config and change the corresponding preferences to nothing (edit the value and delete the special character). This way you can always be only searching your visited history and not worry about matching in the title. If you’ve installed Hide Unvisited [ed.agadak.net], you can uninstall it and just change browser.urlbar.restrict.history to “” (nothing).

about:config urlbar
Preferences to change default restrict/match behavior

As with the Hide Unvisited add-on, restricting to history will only show pages that you have visited and are stored in your history. This means if you visit a bookmark, it will still show up even when restricting to history. However, you can select the entry from the location bar and hit Delete, or delete pages from the History Panel, or just Clear History to make them disappear.

If you don’t like the standard characters to enable restrict/match, you can modify the values from about:config to be whatever you want. They can be single characters, whole words, even words in other languages.

One last thing about Keywords is that you can now see what you’re going to search with a Smart Keyword Bookmark. You can even assign multiple bookmarks the same keyword so one can be the default Wikipedia search and another can use I’m Feeling Lucky [google.com]. You can uninstall Show Keywords [addons.mozilla.org] if you’re using that for Firefox 3.

Wikipedia Smart Keyword
Choose from multiple Smart Keyword Searches

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  1. The awesomebar is great. The only changes I’d make are:
    1) when you click the drop down without having typed anything, show recently (~2 weeks) frequently used pages rather than from the whole history and;
    2) if the letters typed haven’t been typed before, give preference to “shorter” urls. (By shorter, I mean fewer sub-domains/folders in the url, not fewer characters.) For example, when I type “edilee” (which I’ve never done before), it shows http://ed.agadak.net/2008/07/firefox-3-smart-location-bar-saves-you-time#respond first rather than http://ed.agadak.net/, which I think everyone would agree is the wrong way around.

  2. Blair McBride says: 24 Jul 2008 - 19:36

    I’ve been waiting for this!

  3. About the keywords, it cannot show the search bar’s and some keywords in javascript, but “Show Keywords” can do this

  4. Yay, finally they’re back! 😀

  5. J (not Lo) says: 25 Jul 2008 - 1:04

    Thanks for the detailed description, I start to ‘love’ the awesomebar.

  6. jack: Javascript bookmarks were filtered out for potential security issues, so normally you have to type “javascript:” to get the bookmark (or history page) to show up. But in the context of keywords, that wouldn’t really work without changing the keyword. I’ve filed bug 448033 for that issue.

    About showing search bar keywords, that’s bug 445955.

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  8. Wow, that keyword thing is a seriously great idea. I thought the devs had all forgotten about it with all the attention given to the url bar.

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  10. Akohler says: 27 Jul 2008 - 2:58

    I think there really is a strong need to be able to exclude some bookmarkfolders or single bookmarks completely from appearing in the awesomebar.
    For example at work i don’t won’t the newspaperbookmarks to appear, when i am browsing with a costumer or coworker.

    Will this be possible?

  11. […] more details you can check this Edward Lee’s post on the matter. He is the developer largely responsible for this […]

  12. […] more details you can check this Edward Lee’s post on the matter. He is the developer largely responsible for this […]

  13. hippiejake says: 28 Jul 2008 - 23:18

    Hmm, I was hoping the tag restrictions would search only the tags themselves, rather than all parts of any tagged page.
    Still very nice, thanks, I’ve been waiting for this one feature since you mentioned it [http://ed.agadak.net/2008/03/beyond-awesome] around v3.0b4.

  14. It was decided that matching only tags wouldn’t be as useful once you find the tag. If you have a lot of pages tagged with “food”, once you type food, you can’t narrow down the list any more without typing in more tags.

    Instead, when you force the title to be matched, it will also match against the tags.

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  18. Egbert says: 29 Jul 2008 - 4:38

    I probably missed something here, but I cannot see how to implement the following behaviour:
    I would prefer FF to match only tags, bookmarks and URLs that I manually entered (like browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped).
    Any plans to implement this?

  19. Reysan says: 29 Jul 2008 - 5:19

    The systems at work have the “smart bar” completely disabled. Why? Because having two search bars is redundant. If we wanted to look for a dozen things that start with “anan”, we’d use the search bar. When we want to go to http://www.anandtech.com, we just type that in. The best “new feature” for the smart bar would be a one-click complete disable.

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  21. Reysan: The “two” search bars do different functionality. The Smart Location Bar searches your history and is optimized to show things that you’ve used more often. With the Enter Selects add-on, I just type “an” to get to anandtech and “ar” to get to arstechnica. I didn’t have to configure any keywords. Firefox learned my behavior after selecting those sites from the list and this saves me time.

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  23. While I love the awesome bar, one bit of feedback: It is sometimes slow. Not always, but on occasion when I start typing a word in the location bar, the browser seems to hang for a few seconds, and the text I’ve typed stops mid word, and then finishes after the “hang”. I assume this is because the awesome bar is performing a query. I don’t have the world’s fastest computer, by the way:
    AMD Turion 64, 1.1 Ghz
    1 GB of RAM

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  27. http://userstyles.org/styles/8564
    This userstyle Changes the background color of each row in the AwesomeBar based on it’s Type.

    Easily Distinguish between Tags, Bookmarks and History items in your Awesome Bar List.

    This makes your Awesome Bar colorful based on what type of items you are currently displayingFeatures and Functionality:
    + Tags will be Light Yellow
    + Bookmarks will be Blue
    + History items will be Light Green

  28. Ben: That sounds pretty neat. I’m assuming you’re looking at the “type”. With the addition of keywords, there’s a new type to indicate it’s a keyword query search.

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  31. 3 Questions for Ed says: 29 Jul 2008 - 16:21

    I have been waiting a loong time for this (checking the progress of bug 395161 on almost daily basis) and I am so pleased that Mozdevs finally saw some sense with regards to the ‘awsomness’ of the ‘Awsome’ bar. This ‘feature’ was the sole reason I reverted back to FF2 – with great reluctance, I have to say.

    So, here are my queries:

    1. Suppose I have restricted the bar search to be on history entries and urls. To my knowledge the search algorithm matches domain names as well as what follows them without order of preference (all other things being equal, of course!). So, for example if I type ‘data’ in the url bar I can get ‘www.data.com’ as well as ‘www.porn.com/3some/kinky?data=123fesh’ appearing in the result list (again, all other things being equal). Is that correct?

    *If* that is the case, is there any way to restrict the new bar to look *only* at domain names, not what follows them (i.e. directories, query parameters etc).

    The reason I ask this – I use FF in my line of work (testing/modelling) and type hundred of urls every day (some of which are automatically generated) and the fact that FF3 may not distinguish/prioritise between urls and directories/query strings and treat them all the same would be causing me a massive headache as the result can include 100x of results which have nothing to do with what I want (the above example is just one of possible million others I can give).

    2. The fact that I can restrict searches by urls and history in the bar is fantastic, though here is what I need to know – suppose I need, on occasion, to *exclude* urls or history from the search (that is valid for any other search ‘element’ – tags, bookmarks, titles etc) – is there a provision of how can I accomplish that?

    I will illustrate this with an example: lets assume that my ‘default’ search options are set on urls and history entries only (both urlbar.restrict and urlbar.match options are blank) as the majority of the url I type need to follow that criteria. However, if I wish to type a search string, a one-off, with which to exclude urls and search against page titles and bookmarks only in the result list instead is there a way to do that?

    Using Ed’s example at the top of the blog, assuming .restrict.history and .match.url are all blank, if I type ‘Firefox # *’ do I get matches against url *and* page titles against history entries and bookmarks or just page titles against bookmarks?

    3. If I wish to ‘incorporate’ the new search functions of the bar into 3.0.1, not 3.1a1 as I am only interested in this at present (without any other changes made since 3.0.1) would it be enough to apply the file diffs shown here (http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/index.cgi/rev/90de3fdd3a16) to the 3.0.1 source and then recompile and build it? Would that be enough?

  32. > This awesome bar ‘feature’ was the sole reason I reverted back to FF2
    Curious, how long did you use Firefox 3 before switching back to 2? What about the location bar didn’t you like exactly? The results that were showing up or the look of the items to pick from?

    > Is there any way to restrict the new bar to look *only* at domain names,
    > not what follows them (i.e. directories, query parameters etc).
    There isn’t a preference to search only the domain part of the URL, so the closest thing is only searching in the URL and not the title.

    > The reason I ask this – I use FF in my line of work (testing/modelling) and
    > type hundred of urls every day (some of which are automatically generated)
    Do those URLs show up higher in the list than the pages that you do want to see? For the pages that you commonly go to, they should be near the top of the suggestions.

    > to *exclude* urls or history from the search
    Are you talking about using negative search terms such as “ed -agadak” to find things related to ed but don’t have “agadak” anywhere? There isn’t currently any development for that, but at a quick thought, it would probably destroy some of the existing optimizations because it expands as you type more. E.g., “ed -a” filters out a lot more pages than “ed -ag”.

    > .match.url are all blank, if I type ‘Firefox # *’
    Combining things forces everything to be applied, so “@ #” forces whatever else you type to match in *both* the url and title. “^ *” finds bookmarks that you have visited.

    > would it be enough to apply the file diffs shown here to the 3.0.1 source
    I believe there weren’t any changes before this one for Firefox 3.1, so the patches should apply cleanly.

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  34. John S. says: 30 Jul 2008 - 12:19

    I just want the old address bar back. If I can make this new stupid bar work the way the old one did, I’ll be happy.

  35. notyou says: 30 Jul 2008 - 12:47

    The “AwesomeBar” is horrible. They need to add in an option to make the URL bar work exactly like it did in FF2. I don’t want to have to type a bunch of extra crap to get a result I’m looking for. I want the URL to show up that starts with the exact same thing I am typing at that very moment, not give me a URL that has the letters I typed, somewhere in the URL.


  36. donotwant says: 30 Jul 2008 - 14:13

    I still don’t see why they had to remove the normal Address Bar.

    And when there are users that really like this new search bar, why not replace it with the Google bar, that now, so it seems, no one any longer needs?

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  38. “And when there are users that really like this new search bar, why not replace it with the Google bar, that now, so it seems, no one any longer needs?”

    Have you even taken a few minutes to actually read how it works, or did you just see the word “search” and started screaming right away?

    The “Google bar” (are you talking about the search toolbar or the Google Toolbar extension?) is used to search through “all” websites available, the location bar is used to find websites you have previously visited.

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  41. this is really great idea

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  44. The new Location Bar completely sucks. I reverted back fo FF 2.0. :(

  45. What about it did you not like? The results shown or how they were displayed?

  46. George says: 02 Aug 2008 - 4:19

    the original “smart” location bar in ff3 sux badly because it isn’t smart at all actually. in fact, it’s so dumb that it even includes bookmarks in the hints. that’s really really stupid. if i would want to jump to a bookmarked page, i would directly use the bookmark and not start typing sth in the location bar. hey, that’s what bookmarks are for, after all, right?

    sometimes i’d wish i could slap these stoopid devs.

    (note that i’m a dev myself, but an intelligent one.)

  47. Bookmarks are basically pages from your history that you don’t want expiring — even when you clear your history. Just because you bookmarked it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t show up when you search through your history. I’m assuming you’re complaining about it because it’s showing bookmarks that you don’t want to see, and Firefox 3.1 has the ability to turn off searching those bookmarks that you haven’t visited since clearing your history.

  48. Tomasz says: 02 Aug 2008 - 5:24

    “Have you even taken a few minutes to actually read how it works, or did you just see the word “search” and started screaming right away?”
    – after few minutes wasted and after finding out that FF3 is totally UNABLE to “learn” what FF2 just does right, I dumped FF3. It simply DOESN’T work, got it? I don’t have time to fight with some slow, useless crap that can’t even be disabled.
    Restrict matching to URL-s in new versions? Hell, yes! Never, ever look at page titles! And restore normal matching (domain names only) – when I want to do a history search, I do it.

  49. I love you and I love this feature. Thanks!

  50. Anonymous Coward says: 03 Aug 2008 - 2:28

    I agree with the previous posters that making the awesome bar mandatory was a major mistake by the FF3 developers. When you’re typing letters in the address bar you expect it to match sequentially domains that you’ve visited before not some random query strings inside a hugely long URL or from your list of bookmarks.

    If you’re so keen on pleasing the IQ<100 user base why don’t you make a set of wizards or buttons for them to use to get instant help instead of bugging us power users with mandatory “drool proof features”?

    At least make it possible to disable the mandatory “match substring from any part of URL” functionality of your socalled “awesome bar”.

  51. AC: How long have you been using Firefox 3? What about the “substring matching” doesn’t it do that you expect? Are you saying that after typing out a url the first time to get it in your history that typing just part of the domain doesn’t have it show up in your autocomplete results?

    From your comment, I’m assuming you’re more of a power user. How many characters would you normally have to type to get to the slashdot article about Firefox 3.1 for the comment about the AwesomeBar? All I needed to do was type “sl 3.1” to get here:

  52. Jesper Kristensen says: 03 Aug 2008 - 15:55

    Could ^ be changed? It is not very easy to type, at least on my keyboard (hold down Shift, press ^¨~, release Shift, press space)

  53. You can just press it twice. (shift+¨ that is)

  54. The AwesomeBar is the best new feature of Firefox 3. Because of it, I’ve noticed it is now even harder to go back to using IE when needed. My productivity has become completely dependent on having this feature (when I have to use a machine without firefox 3 on it at work, I find myself sitting there staring dumbly at the screen waiting for it to do what I am thinking, but alas it never does). Every single site I visit more than one time is never more than a word away; most are only a letter or two. Off the top of my head:
    [asdf] == optional, doesn’t affect result
    s[print]: gets to the sprint board for work
    b[ugzilla]: gets to bugzilla for work (sprint is someone else’s shared saved search on this site)
    cc[net]: gets to the company’s cruise control server
    bmo: gets to bugzilla.mozilla.org
    n[ewegg]: gets to newegg
    t[igerdirect] or td: gets to tigerdirect
    r[eader]: google reader
    a: addons.mozilla.org
    do[tnetnuke] or dnn: gets to my local dotnetnuke install (for development)
    te[lerik]: http://www.telerik.com/DEMOS/ASPNET/Prometheus/Controls/Examples/Default/DefaultCS.aspx
    h[g]: gets to my company hgwebdir base
    pub: gets to my company public hgwebdir base
    g[uid]: http://extensions.roachfiend.com/cgi-bin/guid.pl
    1: my blog (16randombytes.blogspot.com)

    and those are just things I type often enough to realize; I am sure there are hundreds more that I don’t even realize anymore.

  55. ashraf says: 05 Aug 2008 - 4:21

    I think the FF3.0 awesome bar is PERFECT just the way it is.

  56. The Real Smartsearch Issue is Privacy

    The question is not just a one switch disablement of the “smartsearch” bar, but also the automatic collection of data.

    Previously, I found it is possible to hide the bar, but the thing goes on merrily collecting data and storing it, regardless of whether you want the data stored, with no easy means of erasing it.

    The bottom line for me: Either there is a easy way to disable the bar and the collection of data to protect my privacy, FF3 is dead.

    I will use FF2 until it is no longer supported, then upgrade to something that is supported that do protect my privacy.

  57. If you’re switching to other browsers because “Firefox 3 tracks which pages it goes to”, most other browsers aren’t any different as they provide some way to view your history.

    Firefox 3 lets you control how many days of history to track if you want. Or automatically clear your history every time you quit.

    If all you want is to have the location bar not show your bookmarks, you can do so with add-ons or use Firefox 3.1.

  58. I am well aware that I can erase the browsing history with a setting. I am also well aware that most browsers offer a provision to erase browsing history and other tracks. FF 2 was particularly good in that regard. FF3 is a decided step backward.

    There is no way to erase the data collected for smart search, you can hide the smart search bar but the data is still kept. I have correspondence with FF that documents this.

    Try to hide it, turn it back on, and you will see that FF3 has in fact continued to record the data while the “smart” bar is hidden.

    All I have to do to eliminate this unwanted feature is to keep using FF 2.x.

    What is the big deal to create a simple, easy way to eliminate smart search from FF3?

    I am not talking about hiding it. I am talking about eliminating the entire thing from the code, including the background collection of browsing data.

    Sure, the data is stored in encrypted form on the disk, but it is childs play to find the files and decrypt it for a professional.

    The immense arrogance of the FF3 development team in imposing this unwanted feature on their users reeks of Microsoft’s behavior with Vista and DRM, the force conversion of of Office 2007 users to the “Ribbon” interface, etc.

    Face it. It is an awesome invasion of my privacy to offer no means for me to turn off the collection of frequency of use data.

    Read the above comments, and you will see I am not alone in rejecting FF3 for this reason.

    Plainly put, this is the Microsoft Vista of Browsers.

  59. Hrm? What happens when you go to Preferences -> Privacy -> Uncheck “Keep my history”? If you’re talking about the location bar showing your bookmarks, but you want to keep those private, I would suggest not keeping bookmarks because anybody can access them anyway.

  60. Ed:

    Unchecking history do not stop the collection of Frequency of Use data.

    The Location Bar is driven off your bookmarks, and it independently collects data about the frequency of use of items in your bookmark.

    You are right that I can delete bookmarks, but that may or may not delete the frequency data (which FF3 have not released data on where and how it is stored).

    The premise of the smart bar developers is that if a bookmark is kept, it can’t be that confidential. What they don’t understand is that they are adding additional data to it in the form of frequency of use, which IS a major intrusion of my privacy.

    The point is, I can choose to keep bookmarks, but frequency of use data on my bookmark set is an additional set of information that I prefer to keep confidential.

    The real amusing thing is the “shove off” and “we can’t believe that anyone can think this is not just awesome” attitude of FF3’s developers.

    It is nearly as bad as Microsoft’s reaction to Vista being rejected by the majority of Business users.

    If you do not believe what I am saying, I will be glad to paste on here correspondence with FF.

  61. The real bottom line is, we (those who don’t want smart search) are your customers.

    We demand privacy.

    FF2 offered more than IE6 and so we switched.

    FF3 went a great step backward.

    We said no. We are being ignored or though ignorant by FF3 developers.

    The interim reply we have is FF2 until you cease support in December.

    At which point, we will defect to a company that puts out a product that meets our privacy needs.

  62. Frequency of use data? Are you talking about how many times you’ve visited a page? I.e., you click the favicon for the page and click “More Information”. It tells you how many times you’ve visited the page. FYI, Firefox 2 also tracked how many times you visited a page. Basically any browser that can list which pages you’ve visited on which days is doing the same thing.

    If you’re talking about “frecency” it’s just a calculation based on page visits in your history. If your history has no pages because you turned off history, then Firefox won’t be able to calculate a useful frecency value.

  63. Example of how you can be screwed by Smart Search:

    I have an extremely complicated bookmarks library with what amounts to thousands of bookmarks, organized by month/year and also topically.

    Many of the bookmarks are nested in many different layers so a casual user cannot easily find them without knowing where to look.

    Smart Search means something totally not intended to be easily found can turn up unexpectedly.

    i.e. a list of blogs where I conduct discussions on sensitive topics under various pen names.

    The collection of frequency of use data that is undeletable meant I lose the ability to “hide” this stuff in bookmarks.

    I have to manually type in the bookmark each time.

    Thanks a lot.

    DUMB SEARCH. Awesome Stupidity of Firefox Developers.

  64. Correspondence with FF Developers on this issue;


    Hi XXXX —

    The commenter in the very first comment got it right:

    #1 Aravindan 03.01.08

    yes it is true firefox 3 shows a list of websites in the address bar when you start typing. But the URL’s shown are from the bookmarks you have, not from your browsing history. These can be identified from the golden yellow star on the right side! Google, Yahoo, Amazon and other sites in the smart search are also listed. Try visiting a site not in your bookmark list, clear the history and try to find it again; I could not!

    Bookmarks are considered different at present than history-type elements. The assumption here is that if someone is really interested in keeping things sensitive, they either won’t bookmark a site (since that’s presumed to be interesting across sessions) or they’ll delete them individually. So the key here is not to bookmark things you don’t want to be stored. (you can tell in the example at the site you point to that they’re all bookmarks because all of the links have blue stars at the right hand side.)

    I just verified this myself, too – clear private data works on everything but for bookmarks in my own version of Firefox.

    Comments #14 – #17 he’s talking about here do, as he suggests, just hide results, not delete — that’s why it’s not something we’ve suggested doing.

    So the key here is to set whatever private deletion settings you want, but not to bookmark things you want Firefox to forget (or delete the bookmarks later). As designed, we’re just assuming that bookmarks are intentional & persistent and so they require manual deletion. It’s interesting if that’s not this person’s assumption — I do wonder why he’d bookmark things he doesn’t want remembered, though.

    Hope that’s helpful —

  65. FF2 do not collect frequency of use data that cannot be deleted by clearing the caches and browsing history.


    FF3 will retain frequency of visit data for pages you have bookmarked indefinitely, even if you clear all browsing history, caches, etc.

  66. From what I can tell, it seems like you don’t want all your bookmarks showing up in the location bar. Have you tried the Hide Unvisited add-on for Firefox 3? Firefox 3.1 has the ability to not search through unvisited bookmarks, so after you clear your history, even bookmarks won’t show up in the suggestions.


  67. From Firefox Developers:

    “I just verified this myself, too – clear private data works on everything but for bookmarks in my own version of Firefox.

    Comments #14 – #17 he’s talking about here do, as he suggests, just hide results, not delete — that’s why it’s not something we’ve suggested doing.

    So the key here is to set whatever private deletion settings you want, but not to bookmark things you want Firefox to forget (or delete the bookmarks later). As designed, we’re just assuming that bookmarks are intentional & persistent and so they require manual deletion. It’s interesting if that’s not this person’s assumption — I do wonder why he’d bookmark things he doesn’t want remembered, though. ”

    Privacy goes down the trash bin with Smart Search.

    If you bookmark it, it must be information you do not care to protect.

    Whats more, bookmarking it means you want it to be easily found.

    Isn’t it awesome FF3 developers know what is good for you?

  68. Ed,

    “Hide Unvisited add-on for Firefox 3?”




  69. The only difference between a visited bookmark and a visited page is that you happened to put a star for the bookmarked page. You will still find visited pages from the location bar unless you turn off your history. Hide Unvisited prevents unvisited bookmarks from showing up. If you don’t want any visited bookmarks or pages showing up, you can install Hide Unvisited and turn off history.

  70. Sorry for yelling, but maybe that will help get someone at FF3 developers attention.

    Look at my application — clearly it is incompatible with the fundamental assumption of having “smart” search.

    So offer users a way to eliminate this functionality.

    Let me ask you this, suppose there is a function built into windows to record your every keystroke and screen that you cannot erase.

    Would you want to use this machine? For shopping? Banking? etc.?

    Just let anyone hack into the file of stored keystrokes and screens or gain access to your machine, and they have all your confidential data.


    What is the difference with a “smart” search that cannot be turned off and what I just described above?

    Get rid of this pig.

  71. “If you don’t want any visited bookmarks or pages showing up, you can install Hide Unvisited and turn off history”

    This does not stop the collection of pages visited data in FF3.x

    See correspondence above with FF.

  72. How does that not stop the collection of page data? If you turn off your history, it won’t have the page visits to calculate frecency values. Do you have a name for the “FF developer” you talked to? There isn’t a large number of us working directly on location bar and “places” code, so I should know who it is.

  73. Experiment.

    Install Hide Unvisited. Turn off History.

    Browse 10 sites.

    Uninstall Hide Unvisited.

    See if the tracking data is kept.

    Post your results.


    Is there something wrong when FF2 offers such a quick, simple, and obvious interface to eliminate most usage tracks by default, and in FF3, you have to do gyrations like using about config: to hide the “smart” bar, or to install add-ons like Unvisited…. or….

    Admit it — FF3 have strayed from a major user benefit with FF2 — Quick, easy, simple, easy to configure privacy for users.

    I am sure someone can write a custom cleaning app to delete the usage data, cripple the “smart” browsing bar, and generally restore FF3 back to the privacy standards of FF2.

    But that is not the point.

    I would rather go back to FF2 or try Opera.

  74. Ed,

    The name is Amit, who got sent the issue from a friend of the CEO whom I complained to.

    The point is, it is very clear that this “feature” is being received like the Digital Rights Management “feature” of Microsoft Vista, or the Aero Interface “feature”.

    Enough people object to it and are finding it a distraction that it ought to be a part of Firefox that is configurable on first installation (to be not installed at all), or turned off easily.

    How about listening to your customers?


    History of browsing is kept until you sign off if you check “clear history on exit” box, then it clears history. You can also clear history during a session manually. I do not believe you can prevent history from being kept at all during a session.

  75. I just created a new profile for Firefox 3 and installed Hide Unvisited and turned off history. Nothing shows up in the location bar when I type anything. Not even if I click the drop down list. Not even when I click a bookmark.

    Even when I go to a bookmarked page, the security info says that I’ve never visited the page before.

    Regarding your analogy, a more accurate one would be to have super complex passwords like ?W1’3~m4;xA and posting a sticky of it on your monitor. Or maybe you stash away your porn magazines in a dark room while ignoring the fact that there’s a light switch.

    “I do not believe you can prevent history from being kept at all during a session.”
    You can. Uncheck the “Keep my history” option from the Privacy panel.

  76. Ed,

    Please uninstall Hide Unvisited.

    Please start a new session and see if the smart search goes back to normal.

    I did not do this, I tried hiding the “smart” bar with about config: and was unable to eliminate the data even with browsing history cleared.


    Why don’t FF3 just let the customers choose to not have this “feature”?

    Let us eliminate “smart” search.

    Do you not see something wrong with ramming this thing down the user’s throats?

  77. Ed,

    I am on FF2, and I have “Remember History for x days” unchecked.

    I also have “Remember what I entered on Forms and Search Bar” unchecked.

    History is kept until I exit (at which point it clears the history).

    Try it.

    Visit a site. Revisit it, and the name will be suggested for you.

    I do not believe this has changed in FF3.

    Browsing history is kept until you close the browser even if you choose “delete private data on exit”.

  78. Why do you need to uninstall the add-on? Isn’t that the functionality that you want? Would you buy a car and empty the gas tank and complain that it doesn’t work?

    I never suggested hiding the location bar suggestions through about:config. Turn off history prevents tracking of data. Hide Unvisited prevents bookmarks from showing up.

    Btw, if a car says to use unleaded gas, don’t fill it up with diesel. :)

  79. Ed,

    Why is it that you seem to clearly, unenviably offer users no choice but to have Smart Search on FF3?

    What is wrong with a simple “NO THANKS” option?

    Why are you forcing your users to drink Kool Aid?

    It may be harmless to most of your users, but some of us may think you are Jim Jones, and would prefer to take a pass.

    What is wrong with offering users a choice?

    This discussion is increasingly sounding like a chat between Microsoft and their users……

    “Internet Explorer is an integral part of Windows… it cannot be separated.”

    So… for Mozilla:

    “Smart Search is an integral part of Firefox 3…. it cannot be separated.”

  80. “Why do you need to uninstall the add-on? ”

    I want to uninstall it, and see if the Smart Search data is still retained.

    I am convinced it is retained and it is only cosmetically hidden by this add-on.

    My objection is to the collection and retention of usage data by FF3’s smart search.

  81. Nobody is being forced. There are options to turn it off. This is the third time I’ve told you how. Uncheck the “Keep History” preference. From what you’ve replied, you haven’t even tried it out.

    I’ve been nice enough to double check myself and even used some tools to see the internal data stored by Firefox. When you have it unchecked, page visits don’t get tracked in the history.

    You have the option to turn off “data tracking” by telling Firefox to not keep your history. The reason why I suggested the Hide Unvisited add-on is that you don’t want bookmarks showing up in the location bar.

  82. Ed,

    This is the “nth” time I am telling you, and confirmed by Amit at FF Dev that unchecking “keep history” do not work in deleting the data for Smart Search frequency of use rankings based on the bookmarks.

    I tried it with FF3.0, confirmed it, and dumped FF3.

    Offer us a choice to NOT have Smart search.

  83. Here is information on how to exclude websites that you HAVE visited from the “smart” location bar:


    This preference set to 0 (zero) will remove the bookmarks you have visited from your results.


    This setting will have the greatest impact on how your results are found

    A setting of 0 (zero) should give you a result of finding your URLs based on what you type being anywhere in the URL or page title.

    A setting of 1 should result in placing of what you type anywhere in the title or URL being first, followed by the URL or title beginning with what you type.

    A setting of 2 should result in only showing results based on what you type being at the beginning of the URL or page title.


    Set to: true

    Here is how to DISABLE AWESOME BAR:


    Type: about:config in the Location Bar
    In the filter field, type the below names:

    Double click & value will be set to: true

    Double click and type: -1
    (Default is 12)

    If this list is too LARGE or too small, right-click in the about:config list and choose:
    New | Integer
    Type: browser.urlbar.maxRichResults | press Enter.
    When prompted, enter a value lower than the default of 12 if you want to see fewer lines in the drop-down list.
    Enter a higher number if you want to see more lines here.

    The list adds a scroll bar once it exceeds a certain size, so you can scroll through whichever number of items you requested in this setting.

    It is not known if doing this will mean that no data will be collected in background even though it has been excluded.


  84. Please see this discussion as to where Aweshit bar gets its data from:


    Message: Post 2262 on page 2 of link:

    Posted July 21st, 2008, 3:07 am

    markofkane wrote:2. When I type “youtube.com” I don’t want it to have at the top of the list “youtube video showing marine throwing puppy over cliff” I had to delete some of the results in the Places file, AND delete the files in “bookmarkbackups” folder to stop it from showing up again.

    “The awesomebar gets its results from two places:
    – History (empty star in dropdown) which you can remove by highlighting the entry and pressing the delete button (or searching in the Library or history sidebar and deleting it).

    – Bookmarks (gold star in dropdown) which you can search for in the Library or bookmarks sidebar and delete.

    You never need to edit the Places file. My guess is that you accidentally clicked the star button in the location bar while you were viewing the Youtube page, doing that created a bookmark in Unsorted Bookmarks (you can see all of these in the Library). That would explain why it didn’t disappear when you cleared history or used CCleaner (as it was a bookmark not a history entry).”


    It appears that data is obtained from both History (which can be cleared) and the history files of old Bookmarks (which can be deleted, but they don’t tell people about this).

    That is why old sites that you have deleted from bookmarks long ago still show up.



  85. thanks for pointing out unchecking keep history will prevent data from being collected! i just tried it out and after clearing my original history, and the location bar no longer shows me unwanted junk. i didn’t even have to install other add-ons or preferences. i only deleted my bookmarks from earlier.

    thanks again. now i don’t need to worry about people seeing my browsing history.

  86. D: If you don’t stop posting false information, I’ll have to delete your comments. I wrote the code for a bunch of the about:config settings that you posted, but you choose to listen to people that have twiddled with the values not knowing what they do.

    1) Unchecking “Keep History” will prevent data from being collected — all the tweaks you provided only change what gets shown and NOT what gets collected
    2) Installing “Hide Unvisited” will prevent unvisited bookmarks from showing up — similar to changing places.frecency.unvisitedBookmarkBonus to 0, but it’ll actively remove pages from the suggestions when you delete your history

    places.frecency.unvisitedTypedBonus doesn’t do the special things that you posted with the values of 0, 1, 2. browser.urlbar.matchBehavior /does/ cause the behavior to change if it’s 0, 1, 2; but again, that doesn’t change how history is tracked.

  87. i was wondering if it was possible to use a similar mechanism to change the sorting order of the results. Sometimes i’d like the results to be sorted on last visited, but sometimes i need to sort it on most visited.

  88. ffxfan313 says: 13 Aug 2008 - 4:16

    Ed: Could you please provide ALL default settings for the AwesomeBar. I have tweaked again and again but want to start from scratch. Thank you.

  89. If you go to about:config and search for “urlbar” or “frecency”, anything showing up in bold is non-default. There’s a context menu option to reset the value to the default.

  90. This could turn into a real problem – ie, children using the so-called smart location bar.
    They could be typing anything in the address bar (or click the arrow) and be given options for porn sites matching any entered partial addy. That’s just great, guys…real smart. NOT!
    Seriously, PARENTS (mainly those that aren’t computer savvy) would probably really appreciate a way to turn this stupid thing off. They certainly don’t want their kids pointed (pushed) toward sites they wouldn’t want them to go to in the first place (or would otherwise never be offered) – whether it’s outright porn or not doesn’t make a difference. People have their own ideas as to what is and isn’t offensive material and what they do and don’t want offered to their kids.
    Why is it so hard to just offer turning it off completely as an option? I don’t see why it has to be something shoved down everyone’s throat like castor oil. Yeah, everyone thought it did something good at the time, too.
    Think a little more about your customers before you don’t have any at all.

  91. i too am most unimpressed with the Smart Location Bar, i was looking for a setting to make it the same as in ff2 but looking at this its not possible. so ff3 is in the bin untill it happens. back to ff2, hell i might even go back to ie7 if gonna be forced to have functions i dont want might be better to stick with the devil you know.

    just my 2c

  92. not perfet but better. might just make it work.

  93. […] селекторов javascript query * Несколько нововведений в панели адреса * Новый переключатель страниц через […]

  94. If you don’t revert the search bar functionality back to FF2 functionality or at least provide an option to do so I will take a shit on Firefox.

  95. Reysan says: 23 Aug 2008 - 14:06

    The 3.1 Alpha release notes make no mention of a disable function for the “awesome bar.” Just let us turn the damned thing off. I’m not interested in “teaching” my browser to do what I tell it to do. Go to a site, leave again, don’t clog memory with useless data. Why is this complicated?

  96. […] Lee, the main developer of the Awesome Bar in Firefox 3, has already starting experimenting with a zero-configuration new-tab extension. Try […]

  97. […] Lee, the main developer of the Awesome Bar in Firefox 3, has already starting experimenting with a zero-configuration new-tab extension. Try […]

  98. Here is the scenario that I have a problem with. I use the address bar to quickly go between web sites I use quickly. I don’t need the smart feature to search any part of the url other than the non-www beginning. If I am constantly visiting many pages on two “hypothetical” websites called espn.com and west.com, when I type in es I want the espn sites listed only not the sub pages of west.com. This is a fundamental problem with this feature.

  99. NullyNull says: 27 Aug 2008 - 15:07

    I’m quite disturbed by the “I know better then you” tone. What happened to the idea of user customization, the “NO SOUP FOR YOU” act only serves to highlight the subjective nature of UI design. UI design is not a “one size fits all” endeavor, while not until we get rid of ADA ;P

    The idea/concept of searching from the address bar is counter intuitive. And the presence of the search bar in FF3 invalidates the “new way” innovative flappings of the future nirvana that “Awesome” Bar will bring the world. Why is the Search Bar still there?, the goal is to “simplify” right? Why, am I getting an anti-normalize-db vibe here?

    To date I’ve yet to read any feedback that conveys a reasonable explanation why this functionality cannot be tweaked to function like FF2, via options or about:config. I mean seriously dude frelling IE6 has this functionality!?! IE6 > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced – Searching from the Address bar =[Do not search from the Address bar].

    And now the FF2’s “Check for Updates” is spamming FF3, its frankly about time you give those waiting to see if this functionality can be customize (ie reverted to FF2) a realistic solution other then hiding or ineffective tweak tips.

    The attitude displayed by the awesome bar proponents is like Chinese restaurants that only have chopsticks for utensils.

  100. The reason why the search bar is still there is that it performs a different function. The location bar looks through the pages that you’ve already visited or bookmarked while the search bar typically finds pages on the internet. Firefox 3.1 has ways to make the location bar behave more like that of Firefox 2.

  101. “The reason why the search bar is still there is that it performs a different function.”

    Apparently, many of us don’t want that “different” function.

    Instead of making us fiddle with about:config “to make the location bar behave more like that of Firefox 2”, why don’t you make the *exact* Firefox 2 bar behaviour the default, and let the groupies fiddle with about:config to customize any way they want?

  102. Awsomebar is horrible and stupid excersize in bad user interface design !
    Its double lines, color and bold characters are time and attention wasters and are a perfect example of good intentions leading to terrible outcome.

    As a heavy user I love the speed of FF3 but even with the “oldbar” add-on i hate FF3 and still prefer to use FF2 daily just because of this stupid awesomebar – please provide an option to disable this awesome bug that creeped into FF3.

    After too many people tell you that you seem drunk, you should take the offer of a free ride home, even if you believe you can make it alone.
    All the heavy users i know HATE the awesomebar. Only the slow motion theoreticans can excuse its benefits.
    I think Microsoft Bribed this guy to add this “feature” into FF3 !

    Why there isnt an option to disable this damn thing ??????

  103. […] Lee, the main developer of the Awesome Bar in Firefox 3, has already starting experimenting with a zero-configuration new-tab extension. Try […]

  104. @Nully

    “The attitude displayed by the awesome bar proponents is like Chinese restaurants that only have chopsticks for utensils.”

    Actually, in those kind of Chinese restaurants, you can go in and eat with your fingers Indian style, and they wouldn’t bat an eye.

    The awesome bar people would chop your hand off if you did not use their product.

    What a disgrace that Firefox is now spamming Version 3 onto people who refuse to downgrade from Firefix 2.

    30 minutes of programming to put an “IF” statement to bypass the code for this useless feature, and despite thousands of complaints, including a mention in Wikipedia about the “Awesome Bar Controversy” and Mozilla is reacting like Microsoft with Vista.

    Just watch — the next act will be to commission a Market Research study where people are given blind tests of the new secret browser and then told afterwards that it is “FF 3”.

    Microsoft did that for Vista to convince themselves that it is a great product… Mozilla will end up doing the same.

    Fortunately, today, Google released Chrome, and Microsoft is about to release IE 8.

    Among other things (like no Awesome bar)…. IE 8 has a Privacy feature like Safari.

    When will Mozilla learn they lost their FF 2 clients forever with this escapade?

  105. I have arrived at this site because I googled: retain history drop down list urls regularly visited’. I use Firefox3 as my browser and believe that this problem has arisen because of the update.

    I find that the history is NOT retained ‘Hotmail’ ‘google’ are shown but ‘yahoo’ and a few other sites that I visit fairly regularly [once a week] are not. However I get a lot of other garbage like ‘Cheap phone calls’ or threads of messageboards that I have visited and have no need for.

    Did not have this problem in Firefox2. I have recently downladed scanning/av/register cleaning software [having been infected with XPAntivirus2008] and wonder if this could be part of the problem?

  106. R.e.e.d says: 14 Sep 2008 - 16:56

    FF 3.1 should bring back the FF 2.0 bar natively and not with a poor-quality extension, remenber, it’s a freedom of choice, not a M$-imposed stuff…

  107. Can the source of the link in the Awsomebar be identified some how?

    Say by using a different color for the row or inserting an different icon for if it is from the history – clicked on in page, history – typed in, bookmarks etc

  108. […] can now restrict searches in the Awesome Smart Bar using special characters such as “+” and “#”. These and other aspects of the character restrictions […]

  109. […] can now restrict searches in the Awesome Smart Bar using special characters such as “+” and “#”. These and other aspects of the character restrictions […]

  110. […] control y restricción de la búsqueda en la super barra de direcciones mediante el uso de caracteres […]

  111. […] Improved control over the Smart Location Bar using special characters to restrict your search. A complete guide about this feature can be found here. […]

  112. […] einige weitere Funktionen werden bei Golem.de erwähnt, z.B. eine neue Tab-Steuerung und Steuerzeichen für die Smart Location […]

  113. […] can now restrict searches in the Awesome Smart Bar using special characters such as “+” and “#”. These and other aspects of the character restrictions […]

  114. […] que permitirá a utilização de símbolos na awesome bar para filtrar resultados (mais detalhes aqui). Parece ser bem útil, se for corretamente […]

  115. […] can now restrict searches in the Awesome Smart Bar using special characters such as “+” and “#”. These and other aspects of the character restrictions […]

  116. […] 3.1 testers, what do you think so far? Let us know how it’s going in the comments. Firefox 3.1 Restricts, Matches, Keywords [edilee via […]

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  118. […] Firefox 3.1 Beta 1這幾天釋出,Firefox 3.1的身形在套上火狐家族的專屬圖騰後,已漸漸的明朗不在只有專案名稱而已。而這次那個可愛的機器人又出現了,這次雖只看到他的背影,已經不再是有嬰兒肥的外表,感覺上好像已經長大了不少,也消瘦不少,有點像剛彈和無敵鐵金剛的混合體。在這次Firefox 3.1 Beta 1已經將Ctrl-Tab這個外掛程式原本所有的功能現在已納入他的基本功能配備,這讓Firefox在功能上華麗了不少。而在Awesome Bar原本的搜尋功能再度的升級,加入智慧過濾的功能讓預留在瀏覽器上的資料像是書籤、歷史或是標籤上的資料更容易和準確的搜尋,若要更清楚的訊息可參考Firefox 3.1 Restricts, Matches, Keywords | edilee 這個網頁,但我覺得若是能有和CyberSearch (1.0.5) 這個外掛程式能夠將Awesome Bar的搜尋功能不僅限於自己瀏覽器的內容資料,更可以延伸到網際網路上,他也可以利用你常利用的網站自行設定關鍵字,而在你自己的Awesome Bar上去搜尋該網站上的資料,而且還有可開啟搜尋頁次去搜尋你所要的資料。 […]

  119. […] la Beta 1 de Firefox 3.1 podemos encontrar una utilidad muy interesante, filtros en la AwesomeBar, con la que podemos realizar búsqueda más precisas mediante una serie de caracteres especiales para acotar la búsqueda al historial, marcadores o […]

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  122. […] always able to find my location. You can now restrict searches in the Awesome Smart Bar using special characters such as "+" and "#". These and other aspects of the character restrictions are […]

  123. Carol N says: 16 Oct 2008 - 16:54

    This thread of comments was fantastic. I especially like the commenters who referred to themselves as “customers” of Mozilla, as if they had paid for the product! The guy ignoring the solution to his problem so that he could complain more was great too.

    I just wanted to say that I love the Awesome Bar and would be absolutely useless at work without it now. I work on a web application and all of the URLs start the same way but have different parts later, so it’s really been a godsend.

  124. […] always able to find my location. You can now restrict searches in the Awesome Smart Bar using special characters such as "+" and "#". These and other aspects of the character restrictions are […]

  125. Tomasz says: 17 Oct 2008 - 20:26

    What can I say, Carol? “Don’t feed the troll”? You don’t seem to understand the concept of Free Software. And you (like some others) just don’t get that the people need to have options to configure the software to meet their demands. In Firefox 3.0 the thing we talk about just can’t be configured properly. In Firefox 3.1 we can exclude useless junk from matching and that is good. Why can’t we have a normal address bar any more? I have no idea. That’s funny to you? Well, some of us have sick sense of humor as well.

  126. Yousuf Ahmad says: 17 Oct 2008 - 21:31

    Ed, I admire the way you handled poster D: with A LOT of patience!

    Good work on the latest Symbol-based Restrictions feature. Smart Keywords is neat too. The Awesome Bar just keeps getting more Awesome with each update.

    I’ve actually removed the Search box in favor of doing web searches directly from the Awesome Bar using Smart Keywords (I don’t like redundancy).

    It seems some old users are finding it hard to adapt to the new Bar. I personally can’t find any of the conventional (FF2) functionality lacking in the FF3 bar, and it seems to work like a superset rather than a subset. However, I realize that their usage of the Bar might be significantly different to mine.

    Also, I can see how if you provide an option to switch back to the old bar (I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either), many users might not take the plunge to use the Awesome Bar and thus be denied the benefits of one of the best features of FF3. But, at the end of the day, I guess Firefox is loved by its users mostly because of its customizability; and when they think you’re taking that away from them, it’s not right.

    So why not let the users who want the FF2 bar get what they want (and suffer for their incompetence HAH!). Give them a checkbox they can uncheck and feel happy about doing so. Let them type ‘sl’ for /., press Enter, wait for /. to load, type “firefox 3.1” in the /. search box, press Enter, wait for the results, look for the right comment thread, and click it to get to the same place you and I get in less than 1/100th of the time by typing “sl 3.1” in the Awesome Bar 😉

    Keep up the great work! Love it!


  127. […] 3.1 testers, what do you think so far? Let us know how it’s going in the comments. Firefox 3.1 Restricts, Matches, Keywords [edilee via […]

  128. […] 3.1 testers, what do you think so far? Let us know how it’s going in the comments. Firefox 3.1 Restricts, Matches, Keywords [edilee via […]

  129. […] can now restrict searches in the Awesome Smart Bar using special characters such as “+” and “#”. These and other aspects of the character restrictions […]

  130. Hi is the best
    good luck.

  131. I’m pleased that these new options exist for filtering the auto-complete search results. It’s still not exactly what I was looking for though.

    A lot of the time I have visited a site that I can’t let someone see. Filtering from the history or the bookmarks isn’t always helpful. If I’m looking for something that I haven’t bookmarked, but I don’t want something else in my history to show up then I’m a bit out of luck.

    I ended up writing an extension called FoxyHistory to filter based on keyword, which is more useful in such a circumstance.

    You can get to it by clicking on my name above, or following this link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8622

    If you use it then please write a review or give me some sort of feedback or some suggestions as to how I could improve upon it.

  132. Great,
    keep going..

  133. I too share the disappointment of many others with the smart bar. There are so many privacy concerns with this, I do not understand why developers will not just incorporate a DISABLE feature for those who are concerned about privacy, both at the workplace and at home. For the first time, I have downloaded Safari and find it is very fast and closer to the things I liked in the previous versions of Firefox. My only problem with Safari is that I cannot get CNN Live to stream…. I love Firefox, please help with this privacy option.

  134. I like the awsomebar (most of the time…) but like has been suggested why not allow people to disable it? Or have them select ff2 functionality if they so wish. All the above reactions clearly shows some people want it desperately… Maybe a minority but why offend and upset those people? Are they not right from their perspective? Even if you don’t agree why not respect this.

    The reality seems that quite a few people visit websites that they don’t want their boss, wife, husband, kids, parents or friends to know about. And there are other reasons than porn or things perceived as objectionable.

    If the coding to disable this feature is too hard just say so. Or maybe as this is a beta product and you just like people to test the new and improved behavior of the awsome bar and get feedback. If this is the case also just say so and let those people know that in the final version there will be a option to disable it in a simple way.

    As said I am happy with the bar (though it can use some tweaking) one shouldn’t need an extension to take care of disabling it.


    Maybe there can be something like the opposite of the gold star, allow a black star by clicking the empty star twice to tell not to put this site in the DB. Or make a simple toggle to switch that toggles between recording everything and a privacy mode where nothing gets recorded in the DB.

  135. hellooooooooo says: 23 Nov 2008 - 5:25

    i would like to keep the search in my favorites by typing keywords in the address bar (it is really practice and useful) BUT i dont want to show a websites list when i clic on the drop-down button.

    actually all solutions i’ve found on the web desactivate the both functions.
    what a pity, really :(

  136. sometime mozilla crashes. i dono y.

  137. Nothankyou says: 26 Nov 2008 - 3:10

    I agree with all the haters out there. This awesome bar is trampling on our privacy, and I think it’s terrible that there isn’t an option to preserve your privacy. For that reason alone I am going to switch to Chrome until the problem is fixed. What are they thinking? Why do something so anti-user?

  138. dude... says: 28 Nov 2008 - 10:55

    About the awesome bar, I have to say a thing or two. I initially hated it, and within minutes after having downloading ff3 upon release, was back to ff2. Months later, I went back to ff3, can’t remember why, and now I consider myself an awesome bar convert.

    But for the LIFE of me, I just DO NOT understand why –

    A. There is not an option to somehow designate a which bookmarks or folders I do not wish to be revealed using the bar. The assumption that if someone has bookmarked a site and thus, must not want to keep it private is hilariously asinine. I echo the sentiments of Tina above, who has children. I am a parent of two, and yes my offspring have their own computers, but sometimes use mine. The reason I stashed certain bookmarks 7 folders deep in my bookmarks using ff2 is because I don’t want them found. Having said that, I DO NOT WANT said links coming up as the first five returns as soon as they’ve typed 2 letters into this damn bar!

    B. Failing the option to select what I wish to be displayed, why I simply cannot turn the thing OFF! Seriously, people, this is insane. It’s the best browser by far, but I came to it years ago because I could control it, and if I can’t, then I’ll just use something that I can and take the hit.

    I know these things can be done, and I just don’t see why so many ardent users of this browser are being ignored in this.

  139. > A. There is not an option to somehow designate a which bookmarks or folders I do not wish to be revealed using the bar.
    For Firefox 3, you can use the Hide Unvisited add-on to prevent bookmarks from showing up if you’ve deleted your history for those pages. For the upcoming Firefox 3.1, you won’t need a separate add-on, and you will be able to configure the location bar to only search your history (pages that you’ve visited). This combined with the feature to “clear your last 1 hour of history” will let you visit pages and clear that session’s history without worrying about those bookmarks showing up.

    > B. why I simply cannot turn the thing OFF!
    In the same place that you can choose the location bar to only search history in Firefox 3.1 (from the privacy preferences pane), you will be able to turn off searching completely.

  140. […] tema de la location bar que tanta controversia ha generado tiene modificaciones. Ahora podemos acotar los resultados mostrados en nuestros marcadores, etiquetas, o solamente […]

  141. […] CSS 中关于边界图片的属性 * 支持 JavaScript query selectors * 改进了几处智能地址栏的功能 * 提供了全新的标签页切换方式 我用的插件中,这几个好使. TMP Easy drag to go […]

  142. faux facsimile says: 11 Dec 2008 - 14:05

    I’m afraid that even after this long thread I still can’t figure out a way to make the FF 3.x URL bar behave like the FF 2 bar did – to autocomplete URLs based on a sequential matching of text rather than a search through them for potentially relevant matches.

    If this is indeed not possible, is there a process to request such a feature be added?

  143. > I’m afraid that even after this long thread I still can’t figure out a way to make the FF 3.x URL bar behave like the FF 2 bar did – to autocomplete URLs based on a sequential matching of text rather than a search through them for potentially relevant matches.

    In Firefox 3.1, you will be able to configure your preferences in about:config to match only the URL at the beginning of the url.

    This preference will make the location bar match at the beginning of the url
    browser.urlbar.matchBehavior: 3

    This preference will make it match only in the url (not the title)
    browser.urlbar.default.behavior: 16

  144. faux facsimile says: 14 Dec 2008 - 15:54

    Hi Ed, thanks for the tips – this looks very promising. However with FF 3.1b2, I can’t seem to find the second option (browser.urlbar.default.behavior). Has it been checked-in yet?

  145. I do not want anything to pop up at all and I do not want to keep my history so that they pop up everytime. It did not do this in 2.0 Unfortunately if I cannot turn this feature off I will have to uninstall Mozilla Firefox which I otherwise like and use a different browser. Please help!

  146. > I do not want anything to pop up at all and I do not want to keep my history so that they pop up everytime.

    In Firefox 3.1 you will be able to turn off the search completely by
    setting browser.urlbar.search.sources to 0.

  147. Danny says: 16 Dec 2008 - 9:59


    The ’16’ value sounds promising. Will there also be a way to get rid of the ugly two-lined display? Or will I just have to keep on using stylish to rest my eyes?

  148. pascal says: 24 Dec 2008 - 3:27

    i m very happy to have the last versdion of mozzilla it s a very good product

  149. А вот мне в таком случае кажется, тема довольно сложная для новичка :)

  150. Ahmed says: 30 Dec 2008 - 9:23

    Nice. Keep it coming guys. I fail to understand why would someone possibly use Internet Explorer while this is available!

  151. ianco says: 31 Dec 2008 - 5:47

    i simply love it! as i extensively use the smart keyword search, i lost a heavy burden with the possibility of assigning multiple searches to one keyword. [e.g. wiki in several languages, dictionaries, google “site:”-searches … loads of keywords to remember ^_^]

    now the only thing i’d like to know is: ‘s there a way to rearrange the order of the search-queries? i.e. when i type w [wiki] and simply hit return i get the result for de.wikipedia.org. instead i want the default search to be the english one. so far i tried to rearrange in the bookmark-manager with no success. any ideas?

  152. the206 says: 06 Jan 2009 - 23:01

    Does anyone know how to get the address bar to show the URL? It was working normally but all of sudden I am unable to see anything in the URL address bar, no matter the site I am at, there is nothing in the address bar

    I can surf normally and if I type something in there then I am able still able to surf to that site but if I go to surf to another site then the URL that I typed will stay in the address bar and not update to the new site I surfed to.

    Very odd why this is happening all of sudden as it was working fine and I did not change anything to the set up. The version I have is 3.0.5 En running on XP SP2. If anyone here can assist please email me at nostringsss at yahoo dot com. Thank you.

  153. […] @, #) pour chercher dans l’historique, les bookmarks, les pages marques, les titres ou les url. http://ed.agadak.net/2008/07/firefox…tches-keywords C’est bien l’aveu que la barre merveilleuse est en fait un lment d’UI "surcharg", […]

  154. Faquarl says: 18 Jan 2009 - 19:15

    I think I’m late.. cause I just want to make sure that beta engine is stable.. I’m very curious about the stability, cause more than half day I have to watch and analyze so many graphic.. Is this beta stable guys.? if not, it better for me to use your prior (3.0.5).. your 3.0.5 was great guys, very stable.. but it take to long for me to move across another web.. I thought I use to many toolbar so the engine became slower.. am I right.? And once more.. did you guys just follow that f**k m*******t .? using beta as a new product.? Don’t be afraid guys, cause your engine are much much better and richer than them.. I hope your beta is same.. cause I live from that graph.. ;-} Keep it up guys.. I really love your fox.. and I don’t want waiting to long for your newest engine.. just without beta, it makes me paranoid..

  155. I still don’t see the purpose of the new locater bar. We have gone from a good product in FF2 to a product that you have to work hard to even be presentable. How about a simple switch when you install to go back to the fuctionablility of FF2. I like progress, but lets move forward not backwards where you have to do more to get the same result.

  156. Col Kurtz says: 26 Jan 2009 - 21:28

    How do you turn all of this crap off? I DO NO want the update, add on and all the other unnecessary ‘crudola’ coming up each and every time I bring up Lackoffire fox

  157. pati_cake2@yahoo.com says: 17 Feb 2009 - 20:07

    I tried all day to get my Mozilla to work. I blamed ie for blocking it and I blamed me for acidently setting a security setting and all kinds of frustration happened to me today. Now I got it back on mozilla and I can play games on pogo.com I hope? and I am computer weary. But almost happy once again.

  158. pati_cake2@yahoo.com says: 17 Feb 2009 - 20:11

    I don’t Totally hate Vista but I loved the ease of Windows 98 and the ease of connecting my home network and creating files and I have not enjoyed Vista near as much. Just cant love it. Hope Mozilla is still good. Goodnight.

  159. Daniel says: 07 Mar 2009 - 13:17

    Dear Ed,

    Well I cannot understand why D is so rude and stupid.

    First of all the awesome bar is the best improvement in the history of web browser interfaces. I just cannot imagine going back to the old days of FF2 and IE7. The awesome bar saves me time in remembering long URLs by just typing in titles or tags.

    Well some guy or girl had mentioned switching to IE8. Can s/he tell me why switching to that shit when RC1 fails the Acid 3 Test?

    By the way thanks for the updated Clear Private Data Tool and Private Browsing. Now I can watch porn without using some damn close source browser like IE8.

    Firefox 3.x rocks!

  160. By the way thanks for the updated Clear Private Data Tool and Private Browsing. Now I can watch porn without using some damn close source browser like IE8.

  161. Vuong D. Pham says: 07 Mar 2009 - 16:59

    good works guys

  162. Neeraj says: 13 Mar 2009 - 22:27


    Evrything is excellent in this version … but one thing I’d like to point out that i found useful in earlier version & not present in this version…

    When we close all the tabs except the last basic tab then we can’t close that tab directly…. this was available in earlier versions … We could directly close even that last tab & it would get replaced by a new blank tab …
    If this can be incorporated in newer versions also that wil be reaaly good …


  163. Ericb2038 says: 14 Mar 2009 - 2:12

    About the search bar privacy problem, and more generally the ways of keeping privacy in a browser session.

    I use FF in different contexts :
    – At work where I can browse through tons of documentation on a day. In that case, the search bar is invaluable to me, as I can quickly find a doc I browsed a week earlier or so in a quick and easy fashion.

    – At work again where I sometimes check private sites (gmail, blogs where I write and so on)

    – At home, where I might not want to keep trace of a particular site, but still would like to keep recordings of other windows while I’m browsing.

    The private mode allows one or the other, but not both at the same time (whereas Google Chrome can work in both private and public context simultaneously, forgetting parts of your session).

    I do wonder then what might be wrong with the adding of a “stop” feature, thru a contextual menu may be,
    “Do not collect search bar data during this browser session”. (temporary turning off the collection of info)
    “Do not collect search bar data for this browser window/tab”. (turning off the collection of info for a given window or tab)

    I am aware that there are solutions to keep away unwanted data from showing in the search bar.
    The problem is that they are not user friendly, and (apart from browsing in private mode in 3.1, which is “all or none”) require either actions from the user after the session occurred or switching to private mode (which is annoying because the all browser session is then in private mode and I might want to keep a record or parts of my session without having to switch back to public mode, effectively losing whatever I’m doing at the same time in the private session)

    Turning history off altogether not being a solution either, since I might want to retain parts of the history for a given session (the docs I’m browsing at work), while forgetting others (the blog I’m posting an article to)

    Browsing in public mode and then tidying the history/cookies… being the tedious unfriendly way

    Chrome has solved this particular problem (but has other caveats, such as not being able to turn off javascript when I want to, or the absence of plugins (I can’t live without the web dev toolbar) which prevents me to use it on a daily basis).

    I’am aware that FF is built on a very different model, but you guys, either on the search bar team or more broadly on the architecture, need to come up with _user friendly_ ways to allow people to make their own choices about privacy, what to allow, what to deny and when and in which context doing it..

    Like it or not, privacy IS an issue of the search bar, and nowadays, with corporation looking over your shoulder at work, the general tendency for governments to spy on anybody, an issue that needs addressing, even if you feel it’s useless, because it does reassure the users that they effectively and easily (easily beeain the keyword here) _can_ keep parts of their on line activity (be that activity exposing them to risk in their country, or simple webmail exchanges about a divorce, or health problems, etc…) private.

    True, this is an hassle, but then again conceiving an open user friendly interface has always been more complicated than a closed choices one :)

    Looking forward to hear your thoughts about this.

  164. Browsing in public mode and then tidying the history/cookies… being the tedious unfriendly way

    Are you using the “Forget about this Site” feature? It’s not totally discoverable right now, but if you go to the History sidebar and right-click a page, you can delete everything (history, cookies, etc) just by selecting “Forget about this Site”.

    Ideally the browser can automatically figure out which sites you don’t want to keep history, and this would also mean they wouldn’t show up in your search bar.

  165. Ericb2038 says: 15 Mar 2009 - 1:28

    @Ed : Actually, That’s about the first thing i found, and I’ve been using it, and yes I agree this is an improvement in the way of user-friendliness.

    Still is does not address really the problem, because the data gets written, however briefly on disk. And if the data has been on disk, it’s retrievable, not with ease, but if the user does not take further steps such as erasing free space Guttman or DOD style, it can be retrieved.

    What I had in mind was more of the nature of “keep whatever is needed in memory, don’t write or collect anything for further use, erase from memory when tab or window is closed”

    So, ok, I can keep virtual memory and everything FF writes on a small partition, that gets erased upon computer shutdown (but then I lose the benefits of the history and cache), but to do that Joe User needs to know :
    – how to repartition a disk, move the virtual memory there, move cache and history files there.
    – install and schedule an eraser program
    (And all that supposes that Joe User has even the rights to implement such modifications on his computer. In many a corp, he won’t have the proper authorizations to do so (but then may be won’t be authorized to use FF altogether problem solved :)) ). Still tedious and unfriendly… (but then I might be paranoid about the level of untraceability I find acceptable)

    What I’m getting at really is that a “prevent” approach would be better in terms of user-friendliness (and security) than a “cure” one…

    (child tabs and windows of a private one, being private, may be with a “remember” right click option, optional “open in private mode ?” msg for new tabs, coexisting browser sessions in both private and public mode… Oh well the list is long, and may be it’s not even the right place to address it. May be in FF4…)

  166. if the user does not take further steps such as erasing free space Guttman or DOD style, it can be retrieved.

    If a user wants to spend the extra CPU/disk resource to wipe that data extra clean, s/he would probably use an add-on as dedicating all the extra resources isn’t probably what we want to force on the average user.

    But even before wiping data, we could leverage the fact that you frequently wipe a certain site and prevent it from even written to disk anyway.

  167. good site

  168. Hey, disable the “google Chrome” ads ! They are showing up on this page XD

  169. Julie Bruce says: 31 Mar 2009 - 12:23

    I have just began using Evernote and it is not compatible with this version. Also, downloading PDF doesn’t work. When will you support these items?

  170. i had it then it just disapeared so im gonna try it again other wise it was awesome i likd it alot it worked great for me

  171. cant wait for it this one looks and sounds so much better

  172. Tommy_B says: 04 Apr 2009 - 17:32

    Hi, I am an Awesome Bar hater. Even these new changes… it requires ME to actively do configuration work that really should be optional. With all the people who find this functionality so crappy, Mozilla really needs to listen to their audience – this is marketing 101, give your customers what they need/want/ask for if you expect to retain them as customers (I use customer as a synonym for end user.) I don’t track the roadmap for Firefox very closely so I have no idea if 3.5 is too far along to eliminate Awesome Bar as standard and make it optional for people to choose in Preferences – these work arounds they are offering for 3.1 are just a bandaid. And I’d really like to know what the origin of the Awesome Bar was given the huge degree of negative feedback about it – did Mozilla do any market research on functionality people desired or is this just the brainchild of some engineer?

    There IS an add on that makes the Awesome Bar behave more like Firefox 2 and I am surprised it hasn’t been mentioned (or at least I didn’t see it). It’s called oldbar https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6227 and it’s said to work up to FF 3.6a1pre. However, it is only an interface that alters the way the Awesome Bar functionality displays data; it still looks through bookmarks and stuff.

    Someone did mention this add on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7637 called Old Location Bar which makes the claim to remove your bookmarks. But reviews about it are mixed – it seem to be a little buggy, starting right from the download process and many people report a 3 second delay before a page comes up. It has also been in experimental status since it’s introduction last year which right away makes me not want to try it because it makes me wonder “what’s taking it so long to be approved?”

    oldbar, in contrast, receives for the most part ecstatic reviews with nary a complaint about it’s behavior. From my personal experience, it has never been a troublesome add on at all. The reviews at it’s URL also support that – in such as you don’t hear people complaining about it behaving badly.

    One quirk, and I think it’s on the Mozilla side, is I’ve upgraded a few times FF and it sends me back a message that it’s not compatible with the new FF I’ve upgraded to. But I was so hellbent on having it, I thought what’s the harm in trying to re-install it. And each time I reinstalled, FF didn’t complain about it and all was good in dodge.

    For those of you with privacy issues, and I can’t quite get a read what’s at the core of those issues – are you afraid someone will use your computer and see something you don’t want them to, or is there another issue that I am missing. This is a broader issue that extends past a web browser, but important to bring as it is related. I for one don’t think it’s good practice to let anyone use my account on my computer, not even my own mother or best friend. In a business setting this might even be more crucial. So the best solution to the issue of privacy is to set up a guest account. Mac OS X 10.5.6 has one automatically configured, you just need to turn it on. I for one make a custom account which restricts my guest user to using just web browsers, media players, and office productivity applications. If you think it’s a pain to have to close up and log out and then log back in and try to pick up where you left off, well, which do you value more, not being inconvenienced by an additional log in or your privacy and having to either work constantly to maintain it and remember where the different elements that need to be private are or doing nothing and worrying about it. Again, remember I am speaking in the broad sense of privacy regarding your whole computer in general, of which browser privacy is a big element.

    Another solution, although this is not foul proof for maintaining your privacy, is to use the Profile Manager in Firefox to create a guest profile. In OS X (see the Mozilla.com knowledge base for info on other platforms) this is quite quick to do, go to terminal and enter the following command:

    /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox -ProfileManager

    Although it’s use is intended only for developers so it’s mostly hidden from the normal end user, it can work to help maintain browser privacy. Surprisingly, it’s actually very end user centric as it walks you through the entire process of setting up an addition profile. The only caveat here obviously is if someone malicious is also familiar with Profile Manager your data is at risk. More end users are likely to know about where the Profile data is stored by default and all one has to do is to copy that folder and bring it to use on another version of FF somewhere (ironically, this is how I use the Profiles – I basically copy profile data from machine to another so I always have same bookmarks, same history, same pruned cookies list, etc – I actually use a sync function but that’s another topic. I tried Weave and just gave up – I was trying to use it as an end user when really it’s just meant for people to test. ). And of course, all one has to do to learn about Profile Manager and location of profile data is search knowledge base at mozilla.com.

  173. […] The smart bar has also been enhanced also to allow special characters and a more precise search for websites you previously bookmarked or previous visited websites you can find out more information about the search smart bar enhancements by visiting this site . […]

  174. very very good

  175. This is much better, I really enjoyed the upgrade!!!!!

  176. I think it is brilliant, makes a much better browsing experience. The search bar is fab!!! Everything is there even if you type just a few characters!! thanks :) You’ve just saved me so much time.

  177. Nice idea, but totally undiscoverable. Maybe you should leave some hints in the AwesomeBar?

  178. Susie Day says: 29 Apr 2009 - 9:08

    very cool – but, I would love to see the @ functionality able to be activated at the beginning of what you type.

    for example, when I want to go to google.com in my address bar, the regular home page never comes up first, because visit other google pages more (calendar, etc.). So, when I *do* want to visit google.com, I have to type in google, and then press down a few times until I come to where ever it is in the list that day. if I could start address with some character, then I could press that character, and then start typing google and come up with the correct address. This would *almost* restore the old address bar functionality – and, I love the new bar, but I *used* the old one … it’s sad to have to choose between the two.

  179. Susie Day says: 29 Apr 2009 - 9:12

    *experiments with the bar a bit more*

    I see, it does do that already .. but @ is so annoying to type … it would be cool to be able to set @ as the default method, and use the other characters to search through bookmarks and history :-)

  180. if I could start address with some character

    You can make things match only urls by default by changing the value of default.behavior to include the value for “match urls”.

    But once you type in google one time and select it from the list, next time you type “g”, google will already be the first item in the list. (Unless you’re clearing your history often..)

  181. Currently you have to name your search keywords with something that is in the site URL if you want history suggestions to be shown as well. E.g. for this reason people use the ‘wi’ keyword instead of ‘wp’ for wikipedia.

    It would be nice if this would also work when the keyword is not part of the URL, so that I can use ‘wp’ (which I’ve gotten used to by now and which seems more intuitive) and still get the history results that I’m interested in.

  182. […] más detalles puedes revisar este artículo de Edward Lee [en] sobre el asunto. Él es el desarrollador responsable en gran parte de esta […]

  183. i love it

  184. thanks more power

  185. its awesome…very goood

  186. Mitch says: 03 Jun 2009 - 7:12

    Hey what program is firefox written in? I’m a programmer, and I want to make awesome programs like firefox, but I can’t find a good program.

  187. Niki49 says: 05 Jun 2009 - 9:32

    firefox 3.5 beta 4 is the best browser everywhere!

  188. When will be the day where you can launch firefox and it loads up instantly like all the competitor browsers?

  189. Raj Singh says: 09 Jun 2009 - 10:12

    awesome man……….what a great Browser.

    I must say Mozilla Firefox is a must browser to everyone………..

  190. Bruce A says: 09 Jun 2009 - 18:20

    Nice, but what I want is the option to restrict it to searching URLs. I’m tired of the huge lag as Firefox searches site descriptions as well as URLs. Is this possible?

  191. Bruce A says: 09 Jun 2009 - 18:49

    Nevermind my post! I found the info I was looking for in another post here. Thank you!!!

  192. I love Mozilla Firefox as much as I love food!! Whenever I reformat my computer or laptop… I always makes it an SOP that I have Mozilla Firefox in it… Because this program rocks!!!! Especially with its instant updates and upgrading additions with each update!!!


  193. Chester Graham says: 13 Jun 2009 - 7:16

    Will there be a manual we can buy?

  194. Tessa O'Halloran says: 13 Jun 2009 - 22:41


    I am quite a creaive pperson and would like o be able to change the colours, etc.

  195. Nancy Ogden says: 15 Jun 2009 - 17:30

    I don’t see what I want to know–how to delete ONE history listing. Also, why aren’t they in date order of when I last used them? Why are some of the sites I’ve visited never on the list?

  196. Nick W says: 17 Jun 2009 - 14:42

    The first thing I do when installing ff is to turn off the smart location bar. Hate it, hate it, hate it. It is distracting and unnecessary, especially in a world of bookmarks and links. It needs to be an option to be turned off on, depending on preferences, and the default must be OFF. Look at how google mail handles its options in settings. Otherwise, very fine program. Nick

  197. ruel tukodlangit says: 18 Jun 2009 - 5:15

    thank a lot

  198. ruel tukodlangit says: 18 Jun 2009 - 5:16

    thank a lot for mozilla firefox

  199. […] Awesome Bar: Odata cu lansarea Firefox 3.0, mozilla a introdus o noua bara de navigatie cu ajutorul caruia utilizatorii cauta in istoric scriind doar un cuvant din titlul site-ului, si nu neaparat adresa. In Firefox 3.5 aceasta bara a fost imbunatatita. Aceste imbunatatiri referinduse la restrangerea cautarilor scriind anumite semne. Astfel ca, daca scrieti un cuvant si apoi puneti semnul “+” Firefox va cauta doar inpaginile din Istoric care au tag-uri, chiar mai mult de atat Firefox poate cauta si numele tag-urilor pentru a restrange si mai mult cautarea. Pentru a face acest lucru trebuie doar sa adaugati numele tag-ului dupa “+”. Mai multe informatii aici. […]

  200. Lord_Gneo says: 23 Jun 2009 - 18:04

    Wow…soooooo shiiiiny….

  201. […] Control the Smart Location Bar results with special characters. […]

  202. shams says: 28 Jun 2009 - 4:33


  203. Bill James says: 28 Jun 2009 - 21:13

    The Awesome bar is a complete failure. Why on earth you’d believe that people actually want this mandatory is beyond me. It is quite frankly, the Jumping the Shark moment for you all. I will never use you’re products again, and nothing will bring me back. Mandatory,,? Please. Ignorance and arrogance.

  204. UNDRGND says: 30 Jun 2009 - 19:34

    thanks a lot

  205. […] One final thing – it’s not a new feature, as such, but an improvement to an old one that didn’t quite make it into Firefox 3. You may have noticed the appallingly named “Awesome Bar” in Firefox. Yes, to you and me it’s just an address bar that also searches your bookmarks and history – but to a marketing department that’s “awesome”. Anyway, in Firefox 3 it usually presented you with pretty good results in the drop-down list, but there was no way of controlling those results – to only show bookmarked pages, for example. Well, now there is. […]

  206. For the life of me, I cannot get the Show Keywords functionality in Firefox 3.5. Was it taken out in the end?

  207. @David: I can’t get “Show Keywords”-like functionality to work when keywords are added to search engines. However, it *does* work if you set a keyword to a bookmark.

    Is this a regression, or does some option need to be set somewhere?

  208. @David: Actually, I take that back, it doesn’t actually work with bookmarks with keywords.

  209. I cannot get the Show Keywords functionality in Firefox 3.5

    Try going to http://www.bing.com/ then right-click the text box and add a keyword “b”. Then in the location bar type “b bing” to do a search for bing on bing.

    Unfortunately, keyworded search engines aren’t yet implemented as part of Firefox.

  210. David says: 03 Jul 2009 - 4:25

    Ed, thanks for the clarification. I figured out what was going on when I found bug 445955. That’s a pretty substantial regression from your ‘Show Keywords’ extension. Are you planning on updating the extension to fill in the functionality gap?

  211. Gingerbread Man says: 06 Jul 2009 - 1:37

    Ed, please help me out with this latest Smart Keyword change because I feel like ripping my hair out.

    In Firefox 3.0.11, the location bar would only match against pages that were either visited or bookmarked.

    Now in Firefox 3.5, the location bar matches whatever I type in as a would-be search keyword, and displays the the would-be search URL as a suggestion.
    What on Earth is the point of showing me a duplicate of the text I’m typing in, as highlighted bold text? It doesn’t help me in any way, it only confuses me because I think I’ve visited that URL before, when in fact I haven’t.

    Please, how do I get rid of this behavior? Options > Privacy > Location Bar is set to “History”, but Firefox just ignores the setting in regards to smart keywords. I’ve also tried various about:config settings none of which helped — have I missed something?

  212. Chester Graham says: 06 Jul 2009 - 17:10

    Is there a manual we can buy?

  213. Retard Bar says: 08 Jul 2009 - 11:59

    How about putting an easy check box in the options that will revert the URL bar back to the great functionality & look that was in FF2.

    I do not want the URL bar to offer me web sites that it may think I want. I do not want to have to type out a few words to find a URL that would have only taken a couple letters in FF2.

    Just put a spot in the options that says Firefox 2 style URL bar with a check box next to it & let those that hate everything about this new so called “Smart” location bar have a functional URL bar again.

  214. That’s a pretty substantial regression from your ‘Show Keywords’ extension.

    I’ve updated Show Keywords 4 to only additionally show search engine keywords:

    Enter Selects 5 will also highlight that first search entry to indicate that it’ll select it on enter:

  215. Ed: Thank you! Your changes to ‘Enter Selects’ are especially excellent. I hope I don’t run into my previous issue with the extension.

    (As an aside, I was thinking, it might be more consistent if the text in the location bar would not change at all when browsing the awesomebar results until the Right arrow key is pressed. Just a thought.)

  216. Ed: I have a small update. I have not run into my previous issue, thankfully (the location bar search in general seems faster than it used to be), but I did find a little bug that crawled into your latest release of ‘Enter Selects’, due to the (awesome) highlighting feature.

    Say I type in [mozilla]. Now, say I want to edit that, so I hit the left arrow key (←). Expected result: the cursor moves to the left within ‘mozilla’. Actual result: the cursor moves to the left only after the text has been completely replaced by the URL of the first location bar result. The text-replacement should not happen with ←.

    That’s it. I hope it’s easy to fix. Thanks again.

  217. Vincent says: 17 Jul 2009 - 9:11

    Great work man!
    Today ive upgraded to 3.5 and now im missing the drop down bookmark view. Im totally used to click the drop down awesome bar and choose from my most viewed sites. is there any possibility to get back to this? like in firefox 3.0.xx.

    greetings vincent from germany

  218. @Vincent same problem here, I am so used to just clicking the drop-down arrow without typing anything…

    anyone figured out how to get this back?


  219. I am so used to just clicking the drop-down arrow without typing anything

    If you’ve selected something from the list before, it should show up again. Curious, do you clear your history? Were the pages that you selected before also bookmarks?

  220. @Ed: Nothing shows up for me. I do have clear all info aside from forms and passwords set to clear on exit but it worked fine with 3.0. Upon start-up all the pages from the drop-down list were my most visited bookmarks. It was pretty convenient just to pick one from drop-down list instead of typing.

  221. I do have clear all info aside from forms and passwords set to clear on exit but it worked fine with 3.0

    That would do it. Firefox 3.5 shows only visited pages in the drop-down, so when you clear your history, it won’t show anything. Perhaps future versions of Firefox will better behave if the user constantly clears history.

    A related question: why do you want to clear the history on exit every time? There’s options like Clear Recent History and Private Browsing that work better with the location bar.

  222. @Ed: Thanks for trying to help, it is much appreciated.
    The problem is that I don’t want any history in this drop-down list, I just want most visited bookmarks there. That is actually one of the reasons I have it on clear on exit. I have no idea how it worked in an earlier version and does not in a newer one, seems like a downgrade to me :)

  223. That is actually one of the reasons I have it on clear on exit.

    What happens if you don’t have it clear on exit? Then next time, type to find your bookmark, and next time you click the drop-down, your bookmark should appear as the only site in the list.

  224. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  225. […] Controllo dei risultati della Smart Location Bar con i  caratteri speciali. […]

  226. Why do you not link to your extensions on AMO (first)? Sure, AMO is slow and approaching feckless editorially but it’s keen exposure to the sheeple.

  227. Since you seem to have (attracted) some influence I would very much prefer to have nested tags — folders have been nested(able) since the beginning of relevant time.

  228. Hey Shockeyway says: 24 Feb 2010 - 10:15

    I’m having a problem similar to Kos and Vincent in FF 3.6, which I just reluctantly “upgraded” to from 2.0. No matter what I do I can’t get FF to retain the visited URLs in my drop-down location bar. I’ve tried Privacy/Use Custom Settings for history/Remember History. Everything is checked BUT “Automatically start in Private Browsing “and “Clear history when Firefox closes.” “Remember my browsing history for at least” is set to 60 days. For the Location Bar I’ve set: “When using the Location Bar suggest: History.”

    None of that works.

    I also tried the alternative: History/Firefox will: “Remember history.” Nada.

    Is this a bug? Is there a fix? I’m ready uninstall 3.6 and go back to 2.0 (which only seems to annoy Myspace and Facebook)

  229. Hey Shockeyway says: 24 Feb 2010 - 12:27

    Progress! I found the following on:



    1) Adjust the Smart Location Bar’s Number of Suggestions

    In Firefox 3, when you start typing in the location bar, a drop-down list of suggestion URLs will be shown. If you want it to show more than 12 suggestions (12 is the default), you can adjust the browser.urlbar.maxRichResults keys and get it to show the number you want.

    Config name: browser.urlbar.maxRichResults
    Default: 12
    Modified value: Set to your desired number of suggestion. If you want to disable it all together, set it to -1


    Now here’s the deal. I had it set to -1 before I upgraded to v3.6 because all I want in the location bar are the URLs. I don’t want or need any of that “awesome” BS. Talk about clutter and redundancy. Anyway, it worked fine at -1 in v2.0. I’d like to get that back in 3.6.

  230. Ed: I noticed that Show Keywords, tweaked to work with recent versions of Firefox, stopped working at some point. As far as I know, there’s no way to have its functionality for non-bookmark keywords. Do you have any plans on fixing this in the near future, by any chance? It’s not crucial, but it would be helpful. Thanks.