25 May 2012 - 12:54Copy Selected urls from the AwesomeBar

I happened to switch to #fx-team to see madhava asking for an easier way to copy/paste urls from the AwesomeBar into the page. So whipped together something to do just that!

Just switch to the location bar by pressing ctrl/cmd-L, start searching, highlight the result you want, and press ctrl/cmd-enter. The url will be in the clipboard and automatically pasted to wherever you left off in the page.

And of course this works with Enter Selects, so you don’t even need to press down to copy the first result. Enter Selects automatically highlights it, so you can type out the page you want, and directly hit ctrl/cmd-enter and you’re done!

Try out Copy Selected or check out the code on github. (This is neater than I expected! I just used the functionality 3 times in one post. ;))

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  1. Awesome! Thanks, Ed. I will start using this and get you my suggestions.

  2. Ian Thomas (@ianmthomasuk) says: 26 May 2012 - 4:38

    Nice fast response – this is the post immediately following Madhava’s on Planet Mozilla. The times on your own blogs actually should you publishing this before Madhava had asked for it 😉 (neither state timezone).

  3. Reuben says: 26 May 2012 - 8:28

    The problem is that Ctrl/Shift/Meta+Enter are all bound to browser actions already. On OS X, you have to use fn+ctrl+enter (so enter becomes return) for it to work. Cool stuff, though.

  4. @Reuben Does ctrl/meta-enter actually do anything when selecting something from the dropdown? I know ctrl/cmd-enter adds www and com when typing in the location bar.

  5. Frank J. says: 09 Jun 2012 - 4:11

    Would love to try it, but the 14beta just broke my awesomebar hd, so I am busy crying and cant test new stuff.
    Do you plan fixing it? I got really used to it.

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