26 June 2007 - 1:29Status Update (2007/06/17 – 2007/06/23)

Status Update:

[RFC] Writing draft for #hash(type:data) syntax with a specific type of sha256
for all mime types.

[Code] Updated code from reviews + strictify syntax and made big patch
available in bug 377245. (grab v2 bug 385599 with the #undef if you want to try
things out)

Last week (2007/06/17 – 2007/06/23):

– Get code reviewed and update from comments
– Add flag to turn on/off (bug 385599)
– (Interview for platform internship)
– Not get responses from various people about drafts, RFC, IETF
– Outline and draft the internet draft

This week (2007/06/24 – 2007/06/30):

– Continue writing draft and review/submit before July 2nd
– (Start internship?)

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