4 June 2007 - 0:00Status Update (2007/05/27 – 2007/06/02)

Status Update:

[Code] Got automatic hash checking working in the channel so it gives an error status on Link Fingerprint failure, so loading bad hash pages results in an error page, and some images (gif, bmp) show up as a broken image.. others like jpg progressively load and show whatever they have on failure (i.e., the whole thing).

[RFCs] Looking into other #fragment-id uses (XML XPointers and PDF) and references from Wilde and Baschnagel’s text/plain paper in HT 2005 (Sixteenth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia).

Last week (2007/05/27 – 2007/06/02):

– Implement hash comparisons and pass on an error code from OnStopRequest to listeners downstream
– Add a new network error pages for Link Fingerprint failures on page view (need a better string..)
– Discuss implementation details on m.d.t.network clarifying my current implementation just provides a new error code after the transfer finishes
– Attend Google Dev Day (Thursday)
– Invite Erik Wilde to discuss RFC stuff and Link Fingerprint issues
– Begin handling of Link Fingerprint failures in the consumers like download manager (vs webbrowserpersist/exthandler)

This week (2007/06/03 – 2007/06/09):

– Remove/delete failed downloads cleanly from the download manager
– Refactor added code in HttpChannel so adding Link Fingerprints to other channels is clean/simple
– Look into the image library to handle Link Fingerprint transfer failures
– Figure out what interfaces to provide (for extensions) e.g., exist?/get fingerprint from URI, check fingerprint against file/stream
– Note: Next week I’ll be out – attending FCRC 2007 in San Diego 9th to 13th

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