23 June 2007 - 14:26Gourmet Food Festival

This particular farmer’s market in Redwood City seems to be open every day – kinda like a grocery store, but it also has the open air market setting for various booths to set up for the gourmet food festival. There was plenty of fresh produce like piles and piles of corn for cheap! (Wait.. am I back in Illinois already?)

Sigona’s Farmer’s Market

“The Fresh Approach” with many onions and more onions

For the special event, there seemed to have been a bunch of specialty cheeses, so if you want to test out all sorts of fancy cheeses, come back here next time. There were also some not-quite-so-edible displays (but I suppose you could eat the flowers if you really wanted to..) And a single specialty chocolatier stand. Mmmm.. Chocolates + Almonds! 🙂


8+ flowers per orchid.. tasty?
Chocolate Stand

A bowl of Orange Twigs from Charles Chocolates (milk chocolate ganache, orange, more chocolate!)

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  1. Cool! Always love trying new things, this’ll be the next thing cooking!Thanks!Yuka

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