19 June 2007 - 1:50Status Update (2007/06/03 – 2007/06/16)

Status Update:

[Code] Things are working fine for me. Waiting for reviews.

[RFCs] Contacting people on how to draft Link Fingerprints for IETF’s July 2nd meeting.

Last 2 weeks (2007/06/03 – 2007/06/16):

– Done initial coding to support Link Fingerprints for HTTP downloads/pages
– Open various bugs to break the patch into pieces – waiting for reviews.
– (Submit to MICRO; Attend FCRC for ISCA, PLDI, HOPL – majority of last 2 weeks)
– Fix related download manager bugs (and other random bugs..)

This week (2007/06/17 – 2007/06/23):

– Draft Link Fingerprints.
– Write. Write. Write.
– Contact Borden and St.Laurent about their type-independent #fragment-id

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17 June 2007 - 0:49Nintendo Dominates May US Sales

Wow. The numbers are coming in from NPD with Nintendo way on top for both hardware and software. A total of over 850,000 units of DS, Wii and other hardware as well as over 1.1 million copies of games when counting the top 5 games of all systems from the month. This is especially interesting because compared to May 2006 numbers, hardware and software are up almost 70% and 50% respectively for the usually slow-for-video-game middle part of the year.

I suppose Nintendo has been getting more and more sales in the recent months, but now they’re starting to put up press releases like this… 😛

Oh, my! All this attention is enough to make a girl blush!

As a princess I’m used to being adored, but this is just too much! I know I’m probably sounding like a broken record, but once again my friends at the NPD Group are telling me that Wii and Nintendo DS finished May as the most popular systems in the United States.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support! Nintendo couldn’t have made it back to the top without you. You’re all Mario-caliber heroes in my book.

Super Princess Peach

Peach’s reaction to insanely strong video game sales

Source: NeoGAF and GoNintendo

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13 June 2007 - 17:51Bye Bye San Diego!

Maybe I’ll be back here in 4 years for the next FCRC.. and perhaps with a paper submission! (Note to self: Don’t sign up for 2 conferences that are back to back that end/begin in the middle of the day. Apparently there’s no food for conferences ending today in the middle of the day, and no food for conferences starting in the middle of the day either..)

Time to head back to the commuter airport at SAN, which has the open ramp for boarding the smaller Embraer planes. (Watch out for passing planes that might cross your path while you’re out there 😉 it can get pretty noisy and windy..)

Convention Center

Outdoor dining area in front of the Convention Center

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12 June 2007 - 21:18Extraordinary Desserts

Making up for the lack of desserts at the banquet.. a trip with a high school friend at UCSD to a super fancy dessert place! After a few loops around the complex highway network of San Diego.. we pull up to 5th avenue to look for cakes, pies, cookies, or maybe just a cupcake at Extraordinary Desserts.

Chocolate Cake

Mmmm chocolateee (but I didn’t eat it! just some of the top 😉 )

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