Animated Firefox Download Counter

This user script for the Greasemonkey (v0.2.6+) Firefox extension adds an animated counter (all animated with javascript) of the total number of Firefox downloads to the upper right corner of html pages. You can toggle fading by clicking on it, click and drag to move it around, double click (on the firefox picture) to close it. The script makes use of the Firefox counter from Infocraft, but provides a different display available on all pages.

The script (without Greasemonkey) can be used on regular web pages (at least for Firefox users), and the counter should be running in the upper right corner right now. The user script defaults to running on all pages, but I would suggest you specify certain pages that you wouldn't mind seeing the counter.

Make sure you have at least version 0.2.6 of Greasemonkey for GM_xmlHttpRequests to work.

Default faded counter

Clicked visible counter

Click-drag moved counter

Extra info

Ed Lee (edilee at gmail)